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Abrasive toothpastes can dull and discolor clear aligners and retainers! Retainer Brite® Cleaning Tablets are specially-formulated to help protect removable appliances by preserving clarity and cleanliness.

It's easy to supply your patients:
- Stock boxes to sell or give to patients.
- Include a Patient Pack with each new appliance.

  • Cleans & Brightens Removable Dental Appliances
  • Kills 99% of 7 Common Odor-Causing Bacteria*
  • Helps Remove Plaque & Tartar
  • Certified Kosher
  • Strong against stubborn stains
  • Unique colour change indicator and refreshing minty flavour
  • Effective for retainers, mouthguard, TMJ appliances or nightguards
  • Teenage appeal as they no longer have to buy denture cleanser
  • *Independant 2009 US lab tsting (ASTM method E1153) 

    1 Month Supply 

  • 36 tablets per box (price for min 5 boxes)
  •  Product Ref: RB-36

    CH2 Order Code 2083582

    Sample patient packs

  • Box of 25 packs containing 2 tablets and reorder form
  • Product Ref: RB-TP

    CH2 Order Code 2083599


    Minimum Order of 5 boxes. Not available to general public.