Norris 20/26 Bracket System



- Nickel-Free Cobalt-Chromium Alloy: Cobalt chromium not only boasts superior frictional characteristics but is also completely nickel-free.

- Integrated Hooks: Strong integrated hooks accommodate all directions of elastic wear.

- Universal Bicuspid Hooks: Reduces inventory with multiple interchangeable brackets. One bracket serves all upper premolars.

- Deep Tie Wing Undercuts: Optimal tie wing depth for elastic chain, ties or steel ligatures.

- .020 x .026” Slot: Reduced slot dimension delivers unparalleled control. Clinically shown to be 26% more efficient than the leading PSL bracket system.

- Rounded Leading Edge Of Door: Leading edge of door which aids in arch wire seating.

- Centre Scribe Line: Centre scribe line aligns the long axis for accurate placement.

- Unparalleled Bond Strength: Engineered to conform to each tooth and create unmatched bond strength.

- Straight Occlusal Edge: The occlusal edge of the new gingivally offset premolar bracket base is straight so that it can more easily be used as a paralleling guide to the marginal ridges of a premolar

- Mesial Distal Span Of Door: Width of reciprocal door provides additional rotational control.

- Self-Ligating Molar Tube Full 6-6 Self-Ligating System

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