Elast-o-loop Product Information

Why Choose Elast-o-loops Ligating Modules? 
  • The best range of colours. 
  • Unrivalled elasticity. 
  • Latex FREE. 

These 'new generation' elastomeric modules offer new levels of elasticity and strength. Classified as highly elastic, they are ideal for 'figure of 8' type ligating. 

Available in one size .115", they are suitable for narrow, medium, or wide brackets. Elast-o-loop II come supplied on convenient, easy to use dispenser sticks, for fast efficient application.


They are now available in Individual Patient Sticks, to help prevent cross contamination. 

Sold in packs of:

1000 - 100 strips of 10 loops - Tenties OR

1008 - 42 strips of 24 Loops