New alert from the ASO

"With a number of online mail-order orthodontic treatments appearing on the market, the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) is warning the Australian public against the health and financial risks associated with unsupervised, self-administered orthodontics.

This trend is gathering momentum in the United States, with aligner manufacturing companies now encouraging people to take teeth straightening into their own hands by purchasing ‘DIY’ clear aligners with no in-person assessment by a specialist orthodontist or a general dentist. Australians need to be aware of the dangers and limitations of attempting to move their teeth with at-home kits, which include the risk of serious damage to teeth and gums, poor treatment results and a lack of accountability from the product provider should things go wrong. Moving teeth is a health care procedure and it requires the personal supervision of a specialist orthodontist to ensure treatment is carried out safely and effectively.

For some consumers, ordering tooth aligners online may seem convenient and cost-effective, however the costs involved in repairing damage from unsupervised treatment can far outweigh the initial investment.

The ASO urges consumers to be wary of these risks and recommends a comprehensive assessment with a specialist orthodontist before considering treatment with clear aligners."

  • Adam Ginsburg

How do you choose your plastic?

We get asked a lot of questions about the right plastic to choose so I thought I would step through what is recommended. Of course, we recommend the ESSIX® PLASTICS range for its APPEARANCE, STRENGTH AND DURABILITY but the material you use is an integral part of your treatment plan with patients.

Essix® Brand Plastics is a highly respected name in clear orthodontic retention and polymer technology. From the clarity of Essix ACE® Plastic, to the durability of Essix C+® Plastic, to the bonding capabilities of Essix A+® Plastic, it’s no wonder so many practices rely on genuine Essix® Brand Plastic to help guarantee compliance and satisfaction. When it comes to meeting the needs of you and your patient, Essix® Plastics gives you the quality you demand and the versatility you need.

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  • Katrina Ginsburg

Main Orthodontics has you covered for all your patient needs

See our full range of patient care here. 

Brace Relief Silicon Wax where quality is the key! This medical grade silicone does not melt or become hard and crumbly, has absolutely no taste or smell, remains pliable when drinking hot liquids and can be moulded across the entire labial area to form protective mouthguard for musicians and athletes. 

Product Ref: 4000-021 CH2 Order Code: 2107426
Home Care Kit. To make it easy for patients (and for you!) we have our Most Popular Pack ready to go! Our Home Care Kit has an ideal selection of products to help your patients look after their new fixed brace, and also to help them maintain good oral hygiene, during orthodontic treatment.

Product Ref: HCK-8693A CH2 Order Code: 2082506

Retainer Home Care Pack. If your patients are at the next phase of their treatment or just needing a retainer, we have made it easy by bringing you our Retainer HomeCare Pack. Once patients have had their braces removed, this homecare pack contains a unique range of products to help patients clean and care for their Hawley or vacuum formed orthodontic retainers:

Product Ref: 8000-601 CH2 Order Code: 2289442
Mini Aligner Pack. Likewise for Aligners we now also keep a mini Aligner Pack for you to sell to or include as part of your treatment plan for patients. This pack has been put together to help aligner patients remove their aligner clean thoroughly, and then re-seat back in mouth. 

Product Ref: 8000-603 CH2 Order Code: 2289451
Toothbrush and Timer 

And remember “don’t forget to pack your toothbrush" and timer! 

Toothbrush Product Ref: 8000-521 CH2 Order Code: 2082468

Timer Product Ref: 8000-556 CH2 Order Code: 2082482
  • Katrina Ginsburg

Welcome to Winter

Brrrrrr! Well the cold front certainly arrived along with the first day of winter….and we are in the full swing of our beloved winter sports. Remind your patients to “keep injury at bay and buy a mouthguard today!"

Creating the ideal smile in the best possible way

When it comes to orthodontics, each patient is a unique case. Creating their ideal smile means balancing many variables, including treatment effectiveness, visibility, and time. Our range of innovative and aesthetic solutions provides the options dental professionals need. By providing quality and best in class retainers, and continually improving each treatment method within it, we help dental professionals create the ideal smile for each patient in the best possible way.

  • Use for optimal visibility during interproximal stripping
  • Gateway area allows easy access for IPR stripping and finishing
  • Narrow and wide packs of 10 available

  • Files feature ventilation holes to allow low temperature operation and prevent clogging
  • Files, grip and inner tray are autoclavable

  • Used during Interproximal Reduction (IPR) to measure and confirm space.
  • Includes six gauges
  • Stainless steel and Autoclavable

  • These highly elastic separators provide a gentle continuous force to create interproximal space prior to banding.
  • Katrina Ginsburg

Does your practice accommodate for the oral care of people with special needs?

Taking into consideration the care of the elderly or people with additional sensory, physical and intellectual needs can be difficult to navigate. Ensuring your staff can alleviate anxieties and increase comfort can go a long way in the care of your patients. Dental issues and difficulty with self care can be associated with many people with a disability and simply being aware of these can be of benefit to your patients and their carers.

There are so many issues to think of we have written some tips that may help.
    Here are some tips that may help in your practice:
    • When making appointments ask them to consider the best time of the day for them and keep appointments as short as possible, 
    • Consider the patients pain threshold, ability to sit still and muscle control including saliva flow, 
    • People with sensory or intellectual issues may need sedation,
    • Those who are aged or live with a physical disability may need additional assistance even getting into the room or dental chair,
    • Children with autism often benefit from having the same staff each visit,
    • Consider the sensory impact such as excess glare in the elderly (perhaps putting down the blinds), using a television for distraction, or turning it off if sensory overload is an issue,
    • Check if their hearing is impacted and if music is too loud, or if can they hear you,
    • Consider printing easy-to-read follow-on instructions for the carer of those with intellectual disabilities or picture images for children who may benefit, such as this PECS dental image card, 
    • Investigate using self ligating brackets which are easier to change, or clear aligners which can be cleaned more easily over braces and are less distracting for some, or braces for complicated cases or for those who may play with their clear aligner.
    • Encourage a brushing routine and timer due to dental complications, 
    • Remember that confidence and a good looking smile may be important to them too. 
    Another great resource of educational factsheets for people with Autism and Down Syndrome are shared here by the Special Care Dentistry Association
    • Katrina Ginsburg