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NT (Nickel Titanium) Power Springs elevate space closing and opening mechanics to performance levels that are unapproachable with stainless steel springs.

  • Teeth move more efficiently due to gentle, consistent force. Periodontal trauma and root resorption are eliminated or greatly reduced by eliminating the severe initial forces generated with stainless steel springs. This same consistent, gentle force prevents round trips resulting from inadequate force, as tooth movement/spring limit goals are achieved. Teeth keep moving.
  • Patients appreciate the comfort of the light, gentle force.
  • Extended spring range makes frequent changes unnecessary, reducing chair time.
  • Eliminates patient co-operation requirements.
  • Improves hygiene, since Nickel Titanium elasticity reduces the amount of coils and wires required - making brushing and rinsing more efficient.
  • Continuous, light force for sliding retraction mechanics.

Closing springs are used to maintain or close spaces plus have a securely attached, precision designed Stainless Steel Key-end eyelets for easy attachment.

Length: 010" x 030" Weight Product Ref  CH2 Order Code
9mm Light 444-006 2079213
12mm Light 444-106 2079244
9mm Medium  444-009 2079220
12mm Medium 444-109 2079251
9mm Heavy 444-012 2079237
12mm Heavy 444-112 2079268