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In-Ovation R has been recognized as an industry leader for over a decade. In-Ovation R self-ligating brackets offer you the luxury of faster, more infrequent visits from your patients. Whether you use this benefit to streamline your schedule for a less hectic day, bump up the bottom line by treating additional patients or even reassessing how you practice to enjoy more free time to pursue your passions, it's nice to be able to choose. Because once you start realizing all the time-saving benefits of the In-Ovation R brackets, you can really begin to manage your practice.
  • In-Ovation R Bracket - CCO Rx
  • Interactive spring clip for control throughout treatment
  • True straight wire design for optimal, precise treatment options
  • Highly advanced manufacturing processes with over a decade of real-world repeatable success
  • Low-profile and smooth surfaces offer enhanced patient comfort
  • Elastomeric free treatment for longer appointment intervals and enhanced hygiene


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