Foods for orthodontic patients

As you know, its common for people to feel discomfort when they first get their braces. Suggesting they adjust their diet can be a useful way to avoid any more complications.

There are some great food ideas for people with aligners that are easy to chew and won't get stuck in their braces such as these. 


        Breakfast ideas:

        • Scrambled eggs
        • Porridge
        • Pancakes

        Meals and accompaniments:

        • Frittata / Spinach Pie / Quiche Lorraine 
        • Soft fish
        • Tuna / salmon rissoles
        • Zucchini corn fritters
        • Pasta
        • Mince and spaghetti 
        • Soups
        • Mash Potato
        • Soft bread
        • Rice

        Snacks and Treats: 

        • Pancakes
        • Banana, Melons, Grapes, Kiwi
        • Yoghurt
        • Apple Crumble
        • Fruit smoothies
        • Sorbet
        • Puddings
        • Cheesecake
        • Custard / Panna Cotta 


        • sugary, sticky foods, nuts, chewing gum, raw carrots, apples, popcorn, chewy bread, sugary drinks 

        Always ask them to chew, brush, rinse and floss after each meal and also remind your patients to remember braces are only for a short while if they have difficulty adjusting their diet. 



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