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Masel DoubleGard  

When it comes to athletics, mouthguard color is more than a matter of looks. It’s the one way coaches and officials can see at a glance whether a player is properly protected. Masel’s Doublegard is the best non–custom mouthguard available for athletes who wear braces. Better than the look-alike copies, it’s made to deliver both protection and comfort—at a very affordable price!

    Doublegard protects your sports-active orthodontic patients

    • Stays comfortably in place, ensuring protection
    • Adapts to teeth and appliances
    • Prevents breathing and gagging problems
    • Can’t be swallowed or dislodged on impact
    • Individually wrapped
    • Loose fit ensures no interference with bracket movement. 
    • Comfortable soft plastic will not impinge on soft tissue. 
    • No rubbery taste. 
    • Spring action hinge adapts to any occlusion and prevents dislodging. 
    • Junior size for primary dentition. 
    • Sold individually. 

    Product Ref: 5100-010

    CH2 Order Code: 2080182(Adult)

    CH2 Order Code: 2080199(Junior)