Essix ® Plastics

APPEARANCE. STRENGTH. DURABILITY. There are plenty of reasons to insist on authentic Essix® Plastics.

With 10 types of thermoforming plastic, Essix brand is a respected name in clear orthodontic retention and polymer technology. From the clarity of Essix ACE® Plastic, to the durability of Essix C+® Plastic, to the bondability of Essix A+® Plastic and retention capabilities of Essix® PLUSTM Plastic, we provide plastics for virtually every appliance need.

It’s easy to understand why practices rely on genuine Essix® Brand Plastics to help guarantee patient compliance and satisfaction. When it comes to meeting the needs of clinicians and patient alike, Essix Brand Plastic gives you the quality you demand. 



Essix® PLUS TM Plastic

 Retainers and Bruxism Appliances

Essix ACE® Plastic

 Aligners and Retainers

Essix C+® Plastic

 Aligners and Retainers for Bruxers

Essix® Nightguard Laminate

 Bruxism Appliances

Essix® Dual Laminate

 TMJ Splints

Essix® Bleach Tray and Model Duplication Material 

 Model Duplication

Essix A+® Plastic

 Bite Planes

Essix® Sports Mouthguard Material

 Low-Contact Sports

Essix® Laminated Sports Mouthguard Material

Contact Sports