In-Ovation C

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In-Ovation C is easy for doctors and staff to use, while it delivers superb results with enhanced esthetics and comfort for patients. Designed for reliable performance, the bracket's 100% mechanical lock base ensures reliable bonding, debonding and the ability to rebond. A specially designed interactive, Coballoy spring clip provides excellent torque expression. This innovative clip technology also allows for easy opening and closing throughout the treatment.
  • In-Ovation C Bracket - Euro Rx
  • Occlusal and gingival twin tie-wings offer an optimal mesial, distal span for achieving superior rotation control
  • Triple Chamfered slot walls facilitates wire engagement and reduces binding
  • Smooth swept tie-wings designed to minimize occlusal interference and increase patient comfort
  • Unique rhodium-processed spring clip provides optimal esthetics with full slot coverage & two-point contact
  • Color code on the disto-gingival tie-wing provides immediate identification of the tooth for which the bracket was designed