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Brace Relief Silicon Wax where quality is the key! This medical grade silicone does not melt or become hard and crumbly, has absolutely no taste or smell, remains pliable when drinking hot liquids and can be moulded across the entire labial area to form protective mouthguard for musicians and athletes. 

Product Ref: 4000-021 CH2 Order Code: 2107426
Home Care Kit. To make it easy for patients (and for you!) we have our Most Popular Pack ready to go! Our Home Care Kit has an ideal selection of products to help your patients look after their new fixed brace, and also to help them maintain good oral hygiene, during orthodontic treatment.

Product Ref: HCK-8693A CH2 Order Code: 2082506

Retainer Home Care Pack. If your patients are at the next phase of their treatment or just needing a retainer, we have made it easy by bringing you our Retainer HomeCare Pack. Once patients have had their braces removed, this homecare pack contains a unique range of products to help patients clean and care for their Hawley or vacuum formed orthodontic retainers:

Product Ref: 8000-601 CH2 Order Code: 2289442
Mini Aligner Pack. Likewise for Aligners we now also keep a mini Aligner Pack for you to sell to or include as part of your treatment plan for patients. This pack has been put together to help aligner patients remove their aligner clean thoroughly, and then re-seat back in mouth. 

Product Ref: 8000-603 CH2 Order Code: 2289451
Toothbrush and Timer 

And remember “don’t forget to pack your toothbrush" and timer! 

Toothbrush Product Ref: 8000-521 CH2 Order Code: 2082468

Timer Product Ref: 8000-556 CH2 Order Code: 2082482