Choosing the right wire (August Newsletter)


One of our most commonly asked questions about Wire Products is “Which archwire should I choose? We know choosing the right wires can be complicated, so we have developed an easy checklist to help you out! Given our large range of wire products, our easy reference guide simplifies this choice and takes into consideration force and stiffness as well as yield and resistance. 

Nickel Titanium   For early treatment, aligning, rotating and levelling.
  • Euroform® Super-Elastic Nickel Titanium Archwires
  • High performance and flexible.
  • Euroform® Tooth Coloured Super-Elastic Nickel Titanium Archwires
  • Outstanding flexibility and easy insertion.
  • Euroform® Nickel Titanium Archwire Spools
  • For those who prefer to cut to their own length.
  • Euroform® Nickel Titanium 'Dimple' Archwires
  • Eliminates creeping and sliding out of buccal tubes to prevent cheek irritation.
  • Euroform® Thermally Active Nickel Titanium Archwires
  • For early treatment bracket alignment, impacted canines and high cuspids. Pliable with easy insertion for gentle continuous force.
  • Nickel Titanium Reverse Curve Archwires
  • Especially useful when retracting anterior teeth en masse using elastic chain. Curve of spee helps timing and rotating. 
BTA  Ideal finishing wire due to stiffness resilience and formability. 
  • Euroform® BTA Beta Titanium Archwires
  • Less irritating as no nickel content, excellent torque qualities, has lighter force.
Stainless Steel These medical grade materials are best suited for mid-late stages of treatment. Superior surface finish, good formability, biocompatibility, environmental stability, stiffness and resilience.
  • Euroform® Stainless Steel Archwire
  • Tight wire tolerance with corner radii and cross section diagonals.
  • Euroform® Posted Stainless Steel Spacer Archwires
  • Used as a space closing arch. Ideal for attaching headgear and elastics.
  • Perform Coaxial Archwires
  • For the alignment of anterior teeth.
  • Flat Retention Wire
  • Retainer wire that does not fray when cut.